How can we improve?

Welcome to Agrimaster ideas! This is a space for you to share your feedback, and tell us how we can improve our product and our service. Don't be shy - whether it's a big idea or a small fix, we review every idea in this space regularly.

  1. Scan tax invoices to the cloud for later use

    Is there any way we can have an app on our phone/iPad that can scan an invoice, in practical, Credit card and then it's stored in the cloud for when it's time to balance the books. My husband is always losing those loose bits of paper.



  2. Email Invoices straight from Agrimaster

    Agrimaster only gives you the option to print or print to pdf. When you have many invoices to do at one time, this saving as a pdf and then emailing seperately from mail program is taking a long time.



  3. Email invoices directly to Agrimaster

    I'd like to not only attach - but also to send invoices direct from email to Agrimaster bills section to process. This would be an excellent addition to attaching.

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  4. Can we add carbon counting to agrimaster

    Sitting at evoke Ag and listening to the importance of us to know our carbon numbers. The dairy industry has an add on to their financial programme that sends data to a carbon counting app and reports back their number with minimal extra input. Does Agrimaster have any plans to play in this field?

    Natalie B
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  5. Ability to archive/hide/retire codes that are no longer used.

    After years of using Agrimaster my code list is large and clunky. I have many codes ,eg. sheep codes, that are no longer relevant. If we could hide these codesin pick lists and budgets etc it would be much tidier.

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  6. The ability to import RCTIs from not just the big grain suppliers but the abiity for us to be able to import from stock sales, grain, etc...

    Would save a huge amount of time having to manually enter all the information from RCTIs.

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  7. Split Screen while budgeting

    I'd like to be able to have a stacked report open as well as a budget page. This helps us to refer to previous year's spends (and the likelihood of a similar spend in the next budget period) without having to constantly open/close each page or worse still, print off the relevant sheets or save them elsewhere.

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  8. Have worksheets open as well as the budget on 2 screens.

    When budgeting it is useful to check details from worksheets and the cashbook without having to go out of one and into the other. It would be great if you could have 2 things open one on each screen.



  9. having direct quantities, hectares, etc in worksheets instead of having to calibrate .

    having to use percentages, multiplication, division, etc makes it more difficult when you can calculate the information and then enter it



  10. intuitive reconciliation

    I went to a course the other day for another online cashbook platform and one of the ideas that seemed to appeal to many users who have transitioned away from Agrimaster was the intuitive reconciliation feature. That is, in automatic bank feeds, the programme made suggestions based on past entries as to what the entry could be coded. A bit like looking at recent transaction history which I love. It allowed for quick and easy reconciliation especially for those things that happen every month or regularly. this would be a great feature to further enhance bank feeds in the new programme and may help to bring users back again.

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  11. Scheduled transaction

    We all have regular, scheduled transactions that occur monthly, quarterly, or even annually. It should be possible to schedule all these in Agrimaster to make entering transactions every month so much easier. A reminder system would be handy when they are about to be auto included in Transactions or Cash Transfers.



  12. ability to intergrate with Agworld

    We use Agworld to compile a very detailed cropping input budget in this system and also our completed tasks. We also have all our chemical, fert stock on hand in the "Shed" part of this program. It would be great to be able to intergrate the 2 systems and stop double inputting the budget information. Keen to discuss and show you how it Agworld works in our business and would be effective in Agrimaster

    Belinda L


  13. A useful tool alongside the budgeting and forecasting would be having the ability to record/include rainfall figures.

    This is something that all farmers record and have historical data linked to year performances will assist in forcasting.

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  14. Automatic bank feeds for RABO clients

    I would just like to know when we will be able to have automatic bank feeds for our all in one account that we hold through RABO bank?

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  15. Intuitive search for names codes etc

    In a stacked report I'd like to be able to type in the beginning of a name/code etc and have it "arrive". At the moment I spend a lot of time scrolling looking for the correct name or code.

    #Idea for a new feature!#Reporting